Guiding Principles

Empowering consumers

We believe in unlocking human potential through nutrition. To do so, we need to make sure consumers have the depth and breadth of information they need to make truly informed decisions about their nutritional options. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure that our product labels and our product information is not only accurate and clear, but also helpful and beneficial to our consumers. We didn’t create our company to focus on our own goals. We’re here because we want to help our customers reach theirs. And ultimately, we’ll measure our success by the health and well-being of all those who purchase and benefit from our products.

Balancing science, nature and tradition

We believe that nutritional wisdom is rooted in science, nature and tradition. We look to nature to unlock the potential of pure nutrients that exist all around us, and to better understand the diversity of factors that influence our bodies and the environment we live in.
We explore long-held customs and traditions from around the world to broaden our understanding and perspective of healing and a nutrition. And we look to science to advance current knowledge and practices so that we can optimize nutritional benefits at every level of the human body, including the cellular. By embracing and balancing all these sources, we uncover and put the very best wisdom to work to encourage nutritional health for everyone.

Revealing truth through transparency

We believe that trust can only be earned through honest and complete transparency. Unfortunately, it’s common practice for many in the supplement industry to hide product shortcomings through complex labels or labels with missing information. It’s also become all too common to find products that don’t actually contain what they are supposed to contain. Our approach is different. We want people to know as much as possible about the strengths and qualities that set us apart. Because the more you know about our processes and products, the better informed you’ll be when it comes to choosing the right nutritional supplements for your health needs.

Powering change through nutrition

As an organization, one of our biggest goals is to eliminate the problem of poor nutritrion and the associated health problems it causes for people and communities around the world. Research has shown that a significant percentage of many of the health issues that are so prevalent today and that are overburdening our health care systems are directly due to poor nutritrion. Our mission is to create change by empowering each person to take control of their health and nutrition by making better, more informed choices every day that lead to good health.