Introducing Diabetic Life Support

Advanced Nutritional Support for Healthy Function

In the past, being diagnosed with diabetes might have meant a prognosis of declining health and function. But with the right nutritional support, many people today can live healthy and active lives while enjoying a variety of nutrient-rich foods that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Diabetic Life Support is a patented nutritional supplement and eating plan that is designed to give those living with diabetes the support needed to achieve normal, healthy function. Formulated and clinically tested for maximum support, the program includes proactive steps to help you eliminate harmful toxins from your diet, create effective eating plans to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and support ongoing healing and nutrition with supplements featuring a blend of 59 vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Diabetic Life Support: a three-phase approach:

  • Phase 1: Provides support to eliminate toxins from your diet and from your body; typically lasts 30 days
  • Phase 2: Support the body’s efforts to repair itself; can last three to eighteen months, but typically lasts four to six months
  • Phase 3: Supports healthy blood sugar levels; functions as a maintenance phase, providing life-long support of healthy blood sugar
  • Protein (An important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood)
  • Spirulina (A high protein green superfood that is packed with nutrition)
  • Protease (Enzyme to support digestion of proteins)
  • Lipase (Enzyme to support digestion of fats and alcohols)
  • Cellulase (Enzyme to support digestion of glucose)
  • alpha Galactosidace (Enzyme to support digestion of plant material)
  • Papya (Enzyme to support digestion of protein)
  • Lactase (Enzyme to support digestion of the milk sugar lactose)
  • Bromelain (Enzyme to support digestion of protein)
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus (Probiotic to support healthy digestion)
  • Bifidobacterium Longum (Probiotic to support healthy digestion)

Diabetic Life Support Phase 1

This phase is designed to remove unhealthy foods and toxic substances from your diet and from your body that could prevent you from healing. The program supports this in two ways:

  • Eliminating foods from your diet that are likely to cause damage to your body
  • Providing nutritional support supplements that enhance your body’s normal detoxification process.

Diabetic Life Support Phase 2

This phase is designed to support your body in reversing the process that has led you to your current condition. It takes direct aim at one of the primary contributors to diabetes: poor diet. It does so by supporting you in two key ways:

  • Outlining an eating plan to support healthy blood sugar
  • Providing nutritional support supplements that provide nutrients to enhance healing and healthy blood sugar

Diabetic Life Support Phase 3

This phase is designed to provide your body with the proper foods and nutritional supplements to support healthy blood sugar. Once you reach this phase, you have likely experienced some very favorable results and made some life-changing gains. Designed as the ongoing maintenance portion of the program, Phase 3 is designed to help you continue your positive results in two key ways:

  • Helping you create and follow an eating plan with food that does not tend to aggravate existing blood sugar regulation issues
  • Providing nutritional support supplements that support healthy blood sugar