Quality Standards

No short cuts

To make the possible products, you can’t short cuts-period. A high-quality supplement is composed of two things: the behind-the-scenes work that results in the very best formulation of supplements, and the manufacturing of the products using the very best raw materials. DvRyl supplements are formulated using the latest research studies regarding how nutrients interact with human body as well as clinical use and sucess rates. Our production standards are equally rigoruos, requiring that all our products be manufactured in facilities that are registered by the U.S. FDA for medical products, drugs, and food production. Every product that we bring to market is tested by an independent third party to ensure safety, purity and that it mathces the supplement facts claimed on our label.

The best raw materials, from the right sources

We got to great lenghts to source the best raw materials from all over the world. We mean that quite literally-we travel to multiple countries each year to source many raw materials from their native growing regions. We make sure our products are free of common allergens and get a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on every raw material purchase we make, ensuring that it conforms to USP ( United States Pharmacopeia ) standards. When choosing our ingredients, we lean on research to inform and guide our purchases, selecting raw materials with higher bioavailability whenever possible so our customers can derive the greatest health benefits.

Always all natural

We believe that the best products are all-natural products. It’s why we don’t use artificial sweeteners or harmful fillers. If a product requires flavoring, we use natural flavors and naturals sweeteners such as stevia extract and Luo Han Guo (monk fruit) extract. We also steer clear of all genetically engineered ingredients. We believe that nature is the best at determining what the genetic makeup of food should be. So why tamper with it? And, we go out of our way to provide clear, prominent statements that identify what is and is not in our products, so customers can make informend choices for their health.

Tested and proven products

We belive consumers should know with confidence and certainty that the information we provide on our product labels is accurate and complete. That’s why every batch of products we produce is carefully tested by an independent firm using random samples. Any batch that doesn’t measure up to label claim is either corrected or destroyed. So our costumers can always know with certainty that what’s on our product labels is in our products. We also conduct two types of stability testing to ensure that the product has an exceptional shelf life.